You'll find our update for 1 August here with prayer points, after sermon reflection or discussion questions as well as lyrics for our new song "Compelled by love". If you want to save printer ink there's a text only version here.


You can watch this weeks sermon anytime this weekend in various ways:

- Watch on our media player below.

- Watch on Vimeo on any computer or smart tv.  

- Listen via our sermon page here.

- Listen to our Podcast on Apple, Spotify or Soundcloud.

We're continuing our new series "The love of Christ compels us". Cam Maxwell is preaching and providing discussion questions. More info on the series is here.


Kelli and Jamie put together a new playlist this week of four adult songs and two kids songs that they thought would complement this series. You can access this on Spotify (free or paid access option) of via Apple Music (paid access only)


Kelli Hobbs and Jamie Seyfang wrote a new song just for this series. We had grand hopes of learning it together as we gather. For now we can still do so in our homes, out for some exercise or in the car. Just hours before lockdown Kelli and Jamie recorded a quick demo, you can listen to and download the song below. It'd be great to print out the quick update sheet above as the lyrics are on page two.

SUNDAY 1 August at Home

We're planning, COVID restrictions permitting, to be back in person at the RSL on Sunday 8 August, more information will be updated here soon. In the meantime our heart is to continue to see people engaging with God's word and discussing the implications, parents opening the bible with their kids, our whole community learning a new song among others to encourage us in our mission to share the great news of Jesus and spending some time in prayer.

Below you'll find the resources for this weekend to use at a time that suits you, we hope you find them encouraging.. 


We're a church with a great heart to share the good news of Jesus with many and planting new churches is one way we seek to do that. We were a new church plant in Colonel Light Gardens in 2013 and in 2018 we planted Trinity Church Unley. 

We've been praying for a while about planting in the Tonsley area some time in 2021. At a time where we need more space we thought it'd be a great idea for a short time to have an off-site gathering of Trinity Church Colonel Light Gardens at the Tonsley Hotel. 

All are welcome and it's an opportunity for some to consider being part of this new church plant in Spring 2021, start praying for the area, talk to others considering it. 

We're not looking for a commitment to join the core church planting team at this point and this is a short term venue, but why not come along for a Sunday to try something new as we seek to be a blessing to the local community in the years to come.


For now the gathering at Tonsley will be an offsite gathering of Trinity Church Colonel Light Gardens, which means we'll be following the same sermon series and kids program. It's a great venue and each week there'll be:

- A warm welcome at the Tonsley Hotel in their main function room.

- A service starting at 10am with live preaching, music and singing.

For our kids (and their parents) we'll have:

- Creche for children under three years old.

- A modified kids program in the bar for late preschool and early primary kids.

- A year four to six study in their own area with leaders.

- Youth (from year seven up) can also stay with us in the service.

Each week there'll be coffee available for purchase and some morning tea for all after the service. 

The Tonsley Hotel is on South Road on the western side just past the northern tip of the Darlington interchange at 1274 South Road Tonsley. There's plenty of parking on site and we'll people ready to welcome you to this new venue if you haven't been there before.


To make room for everyone and to start working towards planting a new church in the Tonsley area in spring 2021 we'll be restarting our Tonsley offsite gathering on January 31 at the Tonsley Hotel. Newcomers are welcome to join us at any gathering, no need to book and we're asking our regulars to reserve a place with us to help ensure there's space for everyone. 

For Sunday January 31 and beyond you can book your place with us below:

9am and 10:45am at the Colonel Light Gardens RSL, regulars reserve your seats here

10am off-site gathering at the Tonsley Hotel, regulars reserve your seats here

As we all experienced on 2020 things can change quickly, please check back here for the latest updates.